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The links below will take you to photo galleries showing some of my favorite photos.  Prints of these photos are available in the following sizes, 8X 10, 11 X 14, 11 X 17 and 13 X 19.  These are the sizes I can print.  Other sizes are available upon special request but I must send them out to have made.  Prices are upon request.  Please be sure to specify which photo you are interested in.  I can be contacted at:  jims-photos@comcast.net   for more information.

Photographer: Jim Davies

  Birds        Eagles, vultures        Waterfowl, shore birds        Land animals        Landscapes        Lakes

The links below have many additional photos are for my friends and family, many of whom are out of the area.  Feel free to look however many of them are not for sale.

On  this page you will find links to galleries I am creating and have posted for friends and family.  As I add photos I will try to make the link with the new date so you will know it has been added to.
Kick back and have a cup of coffee, I hope you enjoy my work!  Please let me know if you do, or if there are any problems.


Arizona trip
Updated 2-8-10

Christmas at Missys
Updated 1-5-10

Christmas at Susans
Updated 1-5-10

Thanksgiving gallery
Updated 1-5-10

Grandkids gallery
Updated 1-9-10

Nature photos gallery
Updated 1-5-10

Philadelphia Flower Show updated 3-8-10

For those that are interested I am using a Canon 50D or a Canon 40D camera.   My lens vary but all are Canon or Tamron.  I will admit I have a lot to learn so comments are always welcome please from anyone viewing this site.  You can use the email link below to contact me.

To contact me:

Jim Davies
Phone: 609 247-6355